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With extensive experience in maritime operations and management, McGuire Maritime is uniquely positioned to assist organisations improve or expand their maritime operations.

"A consultant to be worth his salt must give honest judgements not necessarily those which he thinks the client would like to hear"


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Welcome to McGuire Maritime, we have the experience and proven track record in all aspects of marine consultancy. We pride ourselves in providing pragmatic recommendations that consider all aspects of our client’s business.

McGuire Maritime has assisted clients with the following generic assignments:

Risk assessments on port operations

Assessments are supported through simulations to ensure that recommendations are proven and realistic.

Mooring assessments

Using the widely accepted OPTIMOOR program, McGuire Maritime can assess the viability of mooring arrangements for specific berths and a wide range of vessels.

Port Capacity Assessments

Principally for bulk cargoes, McGuire Maritime can assess various loading/discharge methods available and recommend those most appropriate and cost-efficient to the client’s needs.

Results Driven

Clear and honest reporting with pragmatic recommendations that consider all aspects of the client’s business.


We have extensive experience in maritime operations and management.

Chris McGuire

CEO & Founder

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What we do


McGuire Maritime has extensive experience in maritime operations and management. We are therefore uniquely positioned to assist organisations to improve or expand their maritime operations.


Maintaining the highest level of integrity, McGuire Maritime has developed a clientele list for both chartering and the sale and purchase of existing ships. This has been achieved through our ability to provide clients with insights into the market, our knowledge of operations and an understanding of the client’s business needs.


Ensuring that your staff and crews are appropriately trained and educated is essential.
The shipping industry is a unique industry with its own unique operating environment. As a result there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to training employees. Each organisation will have distinctive requirements when it comes to the development of educational programs for both new and existing staff.


Working in the specific markets of icebreakers and project-related cargoes, McGuire Maritime can source the best vessel for your project.

Sales & Purchase

Whether you are buying or selling vessels, McGuire Maritime can help ensure that transactions are concluded with strictest confidentiality.

Marine Training

McGuire Maritime brings years of hands-on experience in the industry and commitment to our own & our clients’ professional development. We are well placed to pair with any organisation in the industry to create, develop and deliver training as required.

Our Maritime Memberships.

“Over a number of years, Chris McGuire has partnered with Braemar ACM Shipbroking in delivering maritime consultancy services to clients. With participation involving development and delivery of training at management team level as well as direct interaction with client teams, Chris has delivered a high level of professionalism and strong interpersonal skills.”


How We Can Help You To Grow Your Business

Our team is friendly and professional and very happy to talk to you about your business and specific requirements. Our years of experience with all aspects of marine consulting, brokerage, chartering and education allows us to provide a broad spectrum of knowledge and solutions and apply them to your unique situation.


Results Driven