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With extensive experience in maritime operations and management, McGuire Maritime is uniquely positioned to assist organisations improve or expand their maritime operations.

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Mooring assessments

McGuire Maritime has gained knowledge of mooring over 30 years in the industry. We use this to help clients determine safe procedures for mooring and the most appropriate mooring arrangements for vessels at different berths.
We test mooring scenarios against different meteorological conditions using industry-accepted computer modelling (OPTIMOOR or OMC International). We then use the results of these simulations to determine baseline mooring arrangements for use at the terminal. The client’s knowledge of their terminal is incorporated into our process, to ensure arrangements are safe and acceptable to terminal operators.
Our reports analyse incidents in the mooring system and detail safe mooring procedures.

Port risk assessments

McGuire Maritime’s port risk assessments range in scope from assessing a port’s maritime risks to assessing the risk of a particular vessel entering a port or passing through a bridge.
In all cases, we start with a desktop risk assessment, which we use to develop a simulator run plan. Pilots and terminal operators provide input to this desktop assessment.
In almost all cases, we then use simulation to assess risks against a range of meteorological conditions and towage arrangements.
We consult with pilots and terminal operators at all stages. For example, pilot input is used to guide the simulation process, and we consult with our clients before making our recommendations.

“Over the last 7 years Chris has provided AMC Search with invaluable services to deliver our education program nationally and internationally. As a practical mariner, Chris has delivered courses on our behalf on a variety of topics. Behind the scenes Chris is a critical link in our new and online course development program, ensuring AMC Search remains at the forefront of Maritime Education. We retain the service of McGuire Maritime as our principal external maritime expert.”


We are experienced & professional marine consultants

McGuire Maritime has extensive experience in maritime operations and management. We are therefore uniquely positioned to assist organisations to improve or expand their maritime operations.

We provide pragmatic recommendations that consider all aspects of the client’s business.

Safety management systems

McGuire Maritime performs the development, audit and review of safety management systems for clients. This is to ensure compliance with AMSA and other relevant marine regulations.
At the same time, we work to help clients develop a robust safety culture. McGuire Maritime has a strong focus on safety management systems being working documents, and we seek to embed the system within the day-to-day operations of our clients.
Standards that McGuire Maritime currently manages on behalf of clients include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We can also provide training in safety management and culture across a broad variety of business operations.

Port capacity assessments

Principally for bulk cargoes, McGuire Maritime can assess a variety of loading/discharge methods and can recommend those most appropriate and cost efficient for your needs.

Relief marine engineering support

To help vessel operators comply with AMSA minimum manning levels at short notice, McGuire Maritime can provide an AMSA Certified Marine Engine Driver (MED1) to DCV vessel operators. We can also provide vessel operators with technical advice on challenging engineering problems.

Operational management

We can provide assistance with operational management of vessel mobilisations and port calls. Our services include planning vessel inspections, planning port call order of operations and booking port services.